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Lake Weeds - Fall Treatment 

Hope all is going well on your end.

So I took a look at the lake yesterday.  I've included a map below on what I observed.  The areas in red are currently contain various amounts of milfoil still below the surface. These areas are being fed by the small area in white just above the inlet wall.  There is a densely populated area of surfaced milfoil and fragments are breaking off coming through the tube and re-populating in your lake.  My fear is that this late in the season and without the ability to manage this population above the lake also, with the treatment limitations put in place by the State of MI, we would only be able to treat roughly 20% of the observed plants that any treatments would have an adverse risk/reward and cause harm to native species for the winter months. 

I am in contact with the State to discuss options on what to do about this area above the lake.  Can it be treated under the current permit or would a new one be required?  Legally is there a way to filter out fragments from coming thru the tube? I will keep you in the loop of anything I learn.

- Steve

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