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Gyspy Moth


Dear Lake of the Hills Property Owners-

Some of you may remember the gypsy moth issue we have encountered the past few years. 2021 was especially horrific with many of us unable to go outside or use decks in June due to the pests. Even more saw their trees completely defoliated due to the gypsy moths eating the growth. According to the DNR some trees cannot recover from Gypsy moths, especially if the tree is defoliated 2 or 3 years in a row by the appetite of the moths. Pine trees are extremely sensitive and will not recover from 1 year of defoliation.

In 2022 many property owners joined in to have a natural product aerially applied last May. What a difference!  It dramatically reduced the gypsy moth population and saved not only our trees, but our use of decks and patios in June! The company we used was Sky to Land LLC, recommended by Isabella County and they have had great success.

The cost in 2022 was $65 per acre and this year, due lower fuel and product costs, the price is $45.

We need to know who is interested in the spraying by paying for your lot(s) by April 4, 2023. This provides enough time for the service company to purchase the product and prepare for spraying in May. We will be given a short window of notice of when the spraying will occur as it is not only dependent on the life cycle of the moth, weather and wind are also factors.

Your first question is probably if I don’t own a full acre, how am I charged? Application is by the acre so the best choice is to contact your neighbors and get groups of parcels on the plot map for spraying. If your neighbors are unavailable or not interested in the spraying, you will need to pay for an acre. (Kindly consider- $45 is a lot less expensive than cutting down a dead tree.) Again, please encourage your neighbors as it is more effective the larger the areas that are treated.

Julie DiMambro is heading the project again this year. Payment for the spraying is by check payable to Lake of the Hills Association, however the Association does not take responsibility for this application. The Association is simply facilitating the payment process. Please identify your lot number(s) on your check. Lot numbers can be found on your tax assessment forms.

Julie and John DiMambro will be at the Eagles on Tuesday March 28 from 6:00-8:00 to take payments. A plot map will be available for review. (We will be in the back room as there is Euchre in the main area.)

If you are unable to attend that evening and would like to have your property sprayed, please send your check payable to Lake of the Hills Association to:

Julie DiMambro

34897 Dryden Dr.

Sterling Heights, MI 48312

Please mail your check by March 31, 2023

If you have any questions, please contact Julie at

Thank you for your kind consideration.

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