Board Members:

President:   Scott Cole – (989) 615-3817

Vice President: Steve Duso – (989) 684-2526

Treasurer: Georganne Archambault – (765) 623-2317

Secretary: Elissa Lyon – (269) 568-5680

Trustee: Dick Moreau – (517) 420-7214

Trustee: Matt Lyon – (989) 506-8636

Trustee: Jennifer Mullin – (989) 621-5070

Word Around
the Lake:

Swans are currently nesting at the sand bar - please try to avoid the area at the moment.  Thank you Nancy for bringing this to our attention so we can let everyone be aware! 

If you see or want to share anything else, please feel free to send me a message! 


Important Upcoming

  • 4th of July Boat Parade: 
    Starts at 1pm at the boat launch! 


Cannot wait to see everyone!!!

What's New:

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  • Message from our President 

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