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Meeting 11/22/2022

  • President:                    Scott Cole (989) 615-3817

  • Vice President:            Steve Duso (989) 233-0472

  • Treasurer:                    Georganne Archambault (765) 623-2317

  • Secretary:                    Elissa Lyon (269) 568-5680

  • Trustee:                       Jennifer Mullin (989) 621-5070

  • Trustee:                       Dick Moreau (989) 824-0082

  • Trustee:                       Matt Lyon (989)506-8636

Call to order:

  • Elissa to call to order, Scott to second it.

Secretary’s Report: 

  • Elissa reviewed minutes from 8/15/2022. Scott accepts, Matt Seconds.

Treasures Report :

  • Georgeanne reviewed the treasurers report.

  • LOHA has a Lock Box at Isabella Bank. It will double in cost next year to $65 per year. What is in there is quite outdated. Motion to dissolve the lock box. Scott accepts and Jen second.

  • Georgeanne to work on a backup plan for second quick books in case her main file gets deleted/ruined.

  • Jen first, Steve seconded.

Fish Report/ Water quality:

  • Water quality – non acidic. Walker creek is flowing nice. Chloride is high because lack of rain, above normal levels but still not back. O2 is good right now for the fish. Nitrates and phosphates are a little high.

  • Fish Report: Our fish are equal to the State average or better. Crape’s are good, perch good, legal bass were about 6 years old.

  • Cat fish, crape, minnows were planted this fall. Fish were difficult to get but we planted 150 Walleye, 281 crape, 4 gallon minnow.

  • Motion to Accept fish and water report, Elissa and Georganne.

New Business:

      Dirt report:

  • President Scott sent in an application for a grant for our lake. We are waiting to hear back if it will be granted in part, in whole or denied.

  • Ask for $19,550 for grant. (20K) we have to pay 10%.

  • Dam is satisfactory (which is the best) but our risk is high b/c so many people down stream that would hurt if our dam broke.

  • If we don’t get money for the grant, the board discussed working toward getting the survey completed for the lake at the very least. (Cost about $10,500.00).

  • A Motion was brought to approve getting the survey even if we don’t get approved for the grant, Unanimous of board.

  • It was brought up that there are different rules for building structures on Ohls Drive and West Shore Drive. Apparently it is 50 ft. v. 60 ft. of building on lake. This will be discussed at annual meeting.

  • Weed Assessment: Our weed assessment will end 12/31/2023. In order to continue the weed treatments, we will need to get a petition signed by all lake residents to get approval. The cost of the weed treatments will come out of our taxes. Petitions will be sent out in the Spring 2023. If you approve of the weed treatments every owner of each lot will need to sign the petition. In order to pass we need 51% of all petitions signed.

  • Georgeann has a current list of all homeowners.

  • The Petition will be sent with the first dues notice (on or about 1/25/2023) and a return envelope. Petitions are due to the township by May 15.

Motion to End the Meeting:

  • Elissa approved, Steve seconded


Meeting 8/15/2022

  • President:                    Scott Cole (989) 615-3817

  • Vice President:            Matt Lyon (989) 506-8636

  • Treasurer:                    Georganne Archambault (765) 623-2317

  • Secretary:                    Elissa Lyon (269) 568-5680

  • Trustee:                       Jennifer Mullin – (989) 621-5070

  • Trustee:                       Dick Moreau (989) 824-0082

  • Trustee:                       Danny Brent – (989) 430-6406

Call to order:

  • Matt called to order, Elissa seconded it. 

Secretary’s Report: 

  • Elissa reviewed minutes from May 2022. Motion to approve secretary’s report: Scott approves. Georganne Seconds.

Treasures Report :

  • Georganne reviewed the treasurers report.

  • Insurance was raised this year by $411.00 for the dam insurance. Reviewed past dues. Motion to approve Treasurer’s report: Scott Approves, Matt seconded.

  • If any lake resident would like a summary of the bank account information, please contact a board member.

Fish Report/ Water quality:

  • Water: has been good. Non acidic, moderate hardness. Chloride has come down some. Oxygen is channel is good. Nutrients are in normal range.

  • Vegetation has lowered. Perch lake creek doesn’t show much so creates more algae in the channel. Crappie are getting close to state average/DNR average. Same with bass and pike. Fish plant from 2 years ago are growing well.

  • Fish: We are doing a fall fish plant in October! We have $1000 from last year’s donation to put toward the fish. $500 will by matched by the LOHA. We are getting Crappie, Walley, Catfish, and fat head minnows. We will let you know the delivery date once it is set in stone.

  • Motion to approve Fish Report: Approved by Matt, second Georganne

New Business:

  • Insurance has been paid.

  • We talked about doing some projects in the neighborhood.

  • At the annual meeting we talked about adding “no wake” signs and “no trespassing” signs around the lake. Elissa will look into ordering signs to add/replace around the lake.

  • Our outtake dam needs some attention as well. We need to clear out the brush, and wrap the walls and add rocks to both sides. This will be a job that will require an excavator and a professional. Matt Lyon will look into contacting contractors to inquire about costs into getting this done. We may have to do one side at a time depending on costs.

  • Several trees and brush were cleared from the overspill this winter and spring. This needs to stay clear per our dam inspection. It has been sprayed once and the board addressed its current situation to keep the brush from growing up. Currently the underbrush is still pretty small.

  • At the annual meeting we also discussed getting a survey done of the lake and getting a drawing update. Scott has been in contact to get quotes on this project.

  • Scott is also looking into getting a grant from the State to cover some of the projects that will need to take place in the future.

  • Last year we seeded the berm on the outtake dam to grow grass as this was necessary to keep the dam up to code per the dam investigation. However, the geese that like to be on the berm have prevented the grass from growing due to them eating it and pooping on it. Scott will be making some calls to see what other options we have, perhaps lining it with rock. We will keep you posted.

  • If you are concerned that a neighbor may be living in unsuitable conditions, please do not contact a board member. Please contact the Central Michigan District Health Department at (989) 773-5931.

  • We did discuss the fact that some lake residents have complained about blight (messy yards) from their neighbors. Steve is going to look into Sherman Township blight rules.

  • Every 4-5 years, we need to renew our weed assessment. The company that sprays our lake for weeds is paid by our taxes. This will need to be renewed in the 2023 season. In order for it to pass 50% of lake residents will need to approve it in order for it to be taken out of our taxes. We will talk more about this as it approaches.

Old Business:


  • Please remember to be kind and courteous to your neighbors.

Motion to End the Meeting:

  • Approved by Elissa and seconded by Matt


Annual Meeting 5/14/2022
Meeting came to order at 3pm

  • President:                    Scott Cole (989) 615-3817

  • Vice President:            Matt Lyon (989) 506-8636

  • Treasurer:                    Georganne Archambault (765) 623-2317

  • Secretary:                    Elissa Lyon (269) 568-5680

  • Trustee:                       Jennifer Mullin – (989) 621-5070

  • Trustee:                       Dick Moreau (989) 824-0082

  • Trustee:                       Danny Brent – (989) 430-6406

  • Introductions of board members. 


  • Motion to start meeting. 

Secretary’s Report:

  • Minutes from Board Meeting 3/3/2022 were read and accepted as is.  Motion made by Georgeanne Archambault and seconded by Matthew Lyon.  Motion Carried.  Minutes to be put on file.    


Treasurer’s Report:

  • Cash Balance was discussed.   

  • Expenses were presented. 

  • Budget Planning Report for Annual Meeting was presented.  This showed all our expenses due, and expenses expected for next year.

  • Insurance has increased to $15,000 this year. In August it will renew and we will find out if it will increase once again.

  • Motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Elissa Lyon and seconded by Matthew Lyon.  Report was approved and put on file. 


Fish Report:

  • Dick Moreau conducted a fish report/water quality.  We planted 200 crappies 3 years ago and 300 last year.   Dick caught some crappie this year and said based on the scales, the fish are doing well.  We’re at about 7” and the State average is 8 ½” so ours are growing well.  If they keep spawning they will keep getting bigger.   No walleye have been reported caught (that we were aware of at the meeting).  The water quality has been tested and is good.  Perch Lake has also been tested and is good.  PH, hardness, and Chloride all tested in the safe range.  Please remember to not burn leaves by the water as it suffocates the fish.  Please avoid fertilizing your lawns next to the lake as some chemicals are harmful to the water. 

  • Motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Georgeanne Archambault and seconded by Matthew Lyon.  Report was approved and put on file.


Old Business:

  • Mowing will cost the same this year as last year. 

  • Lake Solutions is in charge of spraying our lake for weeds.  Last year they were late spraying as they had to renew their permit.  They should not have this same problem this year.   We did apply for a permit to treat the water above the dam (West end of the lake) in order to help keep weeds coming into the lake. Not approved as of today’s date.



  • Last fall we had an inspection on our dam. 

  • In the outtake dam there are several seepage spots that will need to be addressed in the near future.  They have been there for years, but will need attention soon.  The boards will need to be replaced.

  • Our original dam drawings are very old, as in, when the lake was established old.  It was suggested that we have someone come in and survey the dam that way we will have accurate measurements and will make it easier to monitor the dam year to year. 

  • We talked about getting State funding for our dam. 

  • The maintenance of the dam that needs to be done is very expensive (survey and replacing boards).  Also, as the board and volunteers try to do several projects around the lake, these two projects are not able to be done by lake residents and will need to be hired out.   

  • A Motion was made to increase dues from $175 for the first lot to $200.00. All 2nd lots and more will stay at $50.00 each in order to cover any insurance increases that may come in August as well as to help cover the maintenance of the dam projects.  Motion passed unanimously by all residents who attended the meeting.   Next year when dues are mailed out they will reflect this change. 

  • A Motion was also brought up by the board as to have a rule of when residents need to have their boat out of the water.  A Motion was brought to have all (motor) boats out of the water by the 1st of November every year.  Motion was passed unanimously by all members.  From this date forward, all boats with a motor must be removed from the lake by November 1. 

  • In the last several months the board has had several complaints about neighbors who have had unkept lawns and/or trash, debris in their yard.  The board has no control over this since there are no official rules in our rule book.  We brought up a discussion to see if residents would like to have specific lawn/yard requirements in the handbook to entice neighbors to keep their yards kept.  This Motion was not passed due to the fact we did not have any specifics as to what the “yard” rules should be.  However, the board did say we would look into what rules maybe should be added and will vote on specifics next year at the annual meeting.  We did mention looking at Lake Isabella’s rules are, as well as the current County rules.  If any resident has a specific suggestion, please bring it to the attention of any board member and we will keep a tally on what may be approved/not approved next annual meeting 2023.  We also discussed once we get a list, to email it out to residents to get feedback prior to annual meeting 2023. 

  • Recently we have been seeing people fishing on our lake where they are not permitted and also may note be residents.  It was suggested that additional signs be put up around the lake which was agreed upon and shall be coming soon.



Election of Officers:

  • Danny Brent has moved as of March 2022 and therefore left an open trustee position on the board.  Steve is new to our lake and was voted in as Vice President, and Matt took the open trustee position. 


President:   Scott Cole – (989) 615-3817

Vice President: Steve Duso – (989) 684-2526

Treasurer: Georganne Archambault – (765) 623-2317

Secretary: Elissa Lyon – (269) 568-5680

Trustee: Dick Moreau – (517) 420-7214

Trustee: Matt Lyon – (989) 506-8636

Trustee: Jennifer Mullin – (989) 621-5070

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