Meeting 8/21/2021

  • President:                    Scott Cole (989) 615-3817

  • Vice President:             Matt Lyon (989) 506-8636

  • Treasurer:                    Georganne Archambault (765) 623-2317

  • Secretary:                    Elissa Lyon (269) 568-5680

  • Trustee:                       Jennifer Mullin – (989) 621-5070

  • Trustee:                       Dick Moreau (989) 824-0082

  • Trustee:                       Danny Brent – (989) 430-6406

Meeting came to order at 2:00 p.m.  Motion to start meeting 1st by Scott 2nd by Matt.


Secretary’s Report:

Elissa reviewed minutes from April 2021 meeting, Georgeanna approves, Matt Seconded.


Treasures Report:

  • Georganne reviewed the treasurers report. The treasurers report is available to review by all Lake of the Hills residents.  If you would like to review the report, please contact a board member.

A motion to approve the report was 1st by Elissa, 2nd by Jennifer.


Water Quality Report:

This was an open meeting to all lake residents.  In addition we had Steve Zaleski in attendance who is in charge of spraying our lake and monitoring the water quality. He passed around several fliers with different types of vegetation. It should be on our website. Also, we did take video of a lot of what he had to say and should also be available via the website. We are limited to how many treatments we can do per year, which changes every year as well.  The lake has been especially ‘dirty’ this year due to a new invasive species as well as weather patterns. Also, we can only spray the lake in certain places because it needs to be a certain distance from the shoreline so some areas that don’t get a lot of flow may be dirtier than other areas. If anyone would like to contact Scott Zalinski, he is available to answering any questions and his phone number should be on our website.

Fish Report:

Fish will be planted in the fall.  We still have $1,600 that has been donated by lake residents specifically for planting fish.

Motion Approved by Jen and Scott.


Old Business:

A dam inspection was done in June which came back very favorable. During our last clean-up day in May 2021 we did have to clear a lot of trees for the dam and we do need to clear a lot more which will be done in the fall 2021 after most of the leaves fall off the trees.  Volunteers are appreciated.  The specific dates will be decided in the near future.

We also need to have more limestone along our berms. Currently we have rocks, but we need more and limestone was suggested instead because of their large size.

It was also noted that we need to keep the outtake dam clear of goose poop and grow vegetation.


If you need a key to the boat launch, please contact a board member.


New Business:

Gypsy moths. This was discussed. It will cost $40 per acre to spray for gypsy moths. They can not spray house by house. This decision would take an effort with other neighbors to chip in and decide if they would like to purchase this or not. This will have more discussion in January/February 2022 before the Spring season.


Call meeting to an end:

3:52 p.m. Motion 1st Georgeanna, Motion 2nd Matt.