Meeting 10/9/2020

President:               Scott Cole (989) 615-3817

Vice President:        Matt Lyon (989) 506-8636

Treasurer:               Georganne Archambault (765) 623-2317

Secretary:               Elissa Lyon (269) 568-5680

Trustee:                  Jennifer Mullin – (989) 621-5070 (Absent)

Trustee:                  Dick Moreau (989) 824-0082

Trustee:                  Anny Brent – (989) 430-6406


Meeting came to order at 6:00 p.m.  Motion to start meeting 1st by Scott 2nd by Matt.

Secretary’s Report:

Elissa reviewed minutes from September 2020 meeting, Georgeanna approves, Matt Seconded.


Treasures Report:

  • Georganne reviewed the treasurers report. We reviewed past dues for lake residents. The treasurers report is available to review by all Lake of the Hills residents.  If you would like to review the report, please contact a board member.

A motion to approve the report was 1st by Elissa, 2nd by Matt.


Fish Report:

Dick completed a fish report.  He takes 6 surface samples of different areas of the lake.  Our water is a bit hard.  We have lots of Oxygen on top and bottom.  Once again, we discussed the importance of not burning leaves by the water as it produces nitrogen in the water (from the smoke) and is harmful to the fish.  It is recommended to burn leaves at least 50 feet from the water.

A motion to accept the fish report was 1st by Matt, seconded by Georgeanne.


Old Business:

We planted $2,000.00 worth of fish in the spring of 2020 with donations from willing lake residents.  The board agreed to match that donation in the fall with a fish plant of $2,000.00.  We did discuss this in length at this meeting.  It was ultimately voted to not plant fish at this time due to the massive increase of our insurance rate for the dam.  We may plant fish, but we are holding off until we revisit our treasures report.  If we matched the fish donation, it would reduce our bank account to a low rate, and if there are any ‘emergencies’ it could be harmful for our association as we may not have the funds available. 

Also, rock needs to be added to the intake dam which is estimated to cost $2,500.00 and that is a necessary repair that needs to be done.  (It was completed on 10/21/2020).  We have an inspection in July 2021 of our dams and we need to make sure they are in the best shape possible.


New Business:

Elissa and Georgeanne will meet and greet new lake residents and give them copies of the bylaws. 



The water will be lowered in November and the dock at the boat launch will be removed. Once we have a specific date we will let you know as soon as possible. 

Call meeting to an end:

1:38 p.m. Motion 1st Scott, Motion 2nd  Matt.