MEETING September 14, 2019

President        Scott Cole

Vice President Matt Lyon

Treasurer        Georganne

Secretary         Elissa Lyon

Trustee            Dick Moreau

Trustee            Carl Mitchell

Trustee            Dan Haase


Meeting came to order at 12:05 Motioned by Scott and seconded by Matt

Secretary’s Report: Elissa reviewed the minutes from the last meeting from June 2019. Motion to accept by Georgeann and seconded by Scott. 

Treasures Report :

Georgeanne reviewed the checking account for the association.

Motion to accept by Elissa, Carl and Dan seconded.  


Fish Report

Dick updated the board with a lake report of the fish, etc.  Fish are planning on being planted in early May. We were going to plant fish in the fall but had to use $1300 for extra weed control. The association fell short for weed control had to use money out of general fund.

We discussed trying to raise money from lake residents to plant fish instead of using general fund. Maybe split 50/50 so we may be able to buy more fish. A Mailing will go out to donate money for fish fund. 


Water quality report:

Done 3 times per year. Summer was higher chloride because of the heat. Final sample in next few weeks should be lower because of temp and salt.

Motion to accept fish report and water report: accepted by Matt and seconded by Scott.


Old Business:

The abandoned basement on W. Shore Drive was asked about.  The property owners pay their taxes and dues. Therefore, there is nothing board can do.

Weed control will be on winter tax and will be good for 5 years, $100 per lot.

New Business:

Picnic 2020:

The LOHA Picnic will take place on the lake next year, as opposed to the pavilion across from Chip Hills Elementary.  This will be an all day event, with a possible fishing tournament for kids with prizes early in the day, followed by other events such as a cornhole tournament, etc.  If anyone has any suggestions of games/activities, please notify a board member as soon as possible.  The picnic will take place in the beginning of summer, June 20, 2020, so that way more lake residents can meet and spend the rest of the summer getting to know each other better. 

We will need lots of volunteers for Friday evening and Saturday for set up.   

We will also need a Committee for picnic to help organize the events, food, games, etc. Please notify a board member if you would like to participate.

Elissa to make picnic list of what we’ll do and who does what.


The Island:

The island recently came up for tax sale.  However, it needs to be resurveyed. Last one was done in 2012. Current owner had it done. Not registered or deed registered. GIS coordinates not available as public records. Maybe pay a surveyor to do it.

Originally, when Lake of the Hills was flooded to me made, there wasn’t supposed to be island or canal but it formed on its own during the flooding. Monica owns half and Andy owns other half.


Past Due Accounts:  The board will suggest changing the dues bylaws at the next annual meeting so if a resident is unable to pay due to extenuating circumstances, we may be able to work something out, such as having them do work around the lake for that year.


The Dam:

Need boards changed in dam, need recruits. Lots of holes new this year. Please contact a board member if you have any thoughts or suggestions. 

Motion to adjourn. Elissa and Matt.

Next Meeting will take place on Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 1:00.