MEETING May 30, 2020

President:                 Scott Cole (989) 615-3817

Vice President:          Matt Lyon (989) 506-8636

Treasurer:                 Georganne Archambault (765) 623-2317

Secretary:                 Elissa Lyon (269) 568-5680

Trustee:                    Dick Moreau (989) 824-0082

Trustee:                    Carl Mitchell (517) 420-7214

Trustee:                    Dan Haase (989) 289-8332


Meeting came to order at 12:00 p.m.  Motion to start meeting 1st by Scott 2nd by Matt.

Meeting minutes read by Scott from January 2020.  Motion to approve 1st by Dick, 2nd by Matt.


Annual meeting is cancelled to further notice due to COVID 19.

Picnic for 2020 is cancelled due to COVID 19.

Clean up day is cancelled for 2020 due to COVID 19.

4 of July Boat Parade still on.  (more to follow)


Treasures Report –

  • Georganne reviewed the treasurers report. The treasurers report is available to review by all Lake of the Hills residents.  If you would like to review the report, please contact a board member.

A motion to approve the report was 1st by Dick, 2nd by Elissa.

Fish Report –

  • We planted fish!! About $2,000 worth.  This money was donated by lake residents.  The LOHA will match this amount for a plant in the fall of 2020 for different species. After that, we were told to let the new fish grow for a couple years before adding more.


A motion to accept the fish report was 1st by Matt, seconded by Georganne.


New Business

  • LOHA has a new grounds keeper. The cost is less than the company from last year.  

  • The outtake dam: Some of the boards are rotting and need to be replaced.  Scott will look into getting prices for boards. Need to look at different lengths and heights, and thickness. Bottom needs to be notched. Also, there are three rows of boards.  They have chains attached so we can pull them out when the water is high. The lowest level of boards do not have chains.  We will add chains so that way we are able to remove them in the future if need be.


  • We had some rain a few weeks ago!! We contacted the emergency manager in case the water got too high. Everything worked great on our dam.  We did notice that our ‘Emergency Contact List’ hasn’t been updated in over 10 years, so Elissa is going to make all the names and numbers current in case we ever need to get in contact with someone in case of emergency.

  • Elissa will also get a list of board members at Coldwater Lake in case we need to contact them in the future for floodings/droughts.


  • We are required to have a dam inspection every 5 years.  Next year is our year. Due to the dam failings, I’m sure the inspection will be thorough.  We will make sure all repairs that are due to the dam are taken care of.

  • Also, due to the high rains, we will have to add more rocks to the intake dam where the rocks have spilled over and the fabric



Boat parade: July 4,2020 at 2 p.m. The two boats best decorated will receive a free lot due for 2021.  We will start out at the boat launch and drive around the lake for all our neighbors to see! We had a great turn out last year and we hope to have one this year! If you have any questions, please contact any board member, and let your neighbors know!


Call meeting to an end:

1:38 p.m. Motion 1st  Dick, Motion 2nd  Elissa and Dan.